How to restore data from Backup manager

  • Login to your Readyspace Cloud Console
  • Click the Services menu and select the appropriate subscription (EX: Server Backup One SG)
  • Click on the Services name under Product/services.
  • Now click on “Login Details" to get your backup login details
Note: To know how to install the r1soft agent and how to add a key,  please refer to this KB

------------------> After login to the Backup Dashboard <------------------

1. Go to your Server Backup Manager portal

2. Click Protected Machines in the Main Menu to open the Protected Machines screen.

3. For the protected machine you want to restore, click the corresponding Actions menu and select Open Recovery Points.

Restore Files - Open Recovery Points button.png

The Recovery Points window for the protected machine displays.

3. Find a recovery point in the Recovery Points window, click the corresponding Actions menu, and select Browse.

4. Check the boxes that correspond to the files you want to restore and click the "Restore Selected" button.

5. The "Restore Files" window appears. Click "Restore."

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